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How to find experienced massage therapist in California

by Michelle Dorshkind on 08/30/12

I massaged a new client the other day, who mentioned afterwards, that he had spent a lot of time on the internet sifting through Yelp pages and google searches for a professional massage therapist. He went on to say that there seems to be a lot of "massage parlors" popping up in the area.  I could feel his frustration and knew from my own experience of searching the internet and sifting through paid advertisements that it is no longer a quick and easy method.

How do you know if someone is experienced? Or as he put it , "legit"? One way, is looking for their CACMT  or CACMP number posted on their website. Another way, is going directly to California Massage Therapy Council website. Here you can read up on the current massage regulations and under "Consumers" you can search a therapist name to see if they are State Certifide with a minimum of 250 hrs (CMP) or over 500 hrs training (CMT). Share this information with your friends and help us educate our communities!