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Tools for Letting Go and Moving Forward

by Michelle Dorshkind on 12/03/15

Tools for "Letting Go"

I'm not gonna lie... "letting go" of habits, people, food, pain, things etc. can be a process and even a journey.
First, you need to identify what you may be holding on to and why.  Sometimes there is a secondary gain - maybe it supports "a story"  or it has become a "protective blanket" that helps you hide from pain, fears or beliefs. Sometimes starting with exterior things can be easier such as clothing, books, items from your past, or anything you have not used in over a year that you can donate to clear physical space.  Then look at your social network. Are they supportive, loving and caring? How do you feel after being with them?  Do they reflect the positive sides of yourself and encourage you to reach your hearts desires? If not, then maybe setting healthy boundaries for yourself is neccessary.
Then look at your physical body. How do you feel in your body? What habits are good for you and what could you take a break from or eliminate all together? How do you feel when you eat certain foods and how do you feel after a workout? What do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror? 
Spiritually- how do you feel after meditating or prayer? How do you connect with your inner spirit, loved ones who have crossed over or even to your God - the wise and all knowing spirit.
Mentally - where can you mentally "unplug" ? How do you quiet your mind and become present? What do you do to calm your body and mind? 
Emotionally - What do you need right now to feel fulfilled, loved, or at peace within? If you were to quiet your mind and ask your spirit what it needs right now, what would it say?  
Why is it important to check into these parts of yourself as a way of "letting go"?  Mainly so you can become more "self aware" which can empower yourself to take the next step. The more you know and love yourself - the more you feel whole and less attached to things, people, thoughts or feelings.
People/relationships often become your story of who you were and what you did which holds you back from being present. Addictions such as drugs, alcohol, certain foods, games, or habits can also prevent you from living here and now vs. in a fantasy or virtual world. 
Once you strip yourself of old beliefs, habits, toxic relationships, stories etc. then you may begin to live the life you desire- which includes "letting go" of what no longer supports the person you are becoming. 
Here are some tools that may help in your journey:
Write in a journal so you can read what you are thinking, feeling or discovering.
Meditation can be a great tool for quieting the mind and connecting to spirit. Ask yourself what you need.
Hypnotherapy or a Shamanic journey can be useful if you are unclear of what you need to take the next step. You can also get in touch with any blocks or reasons why you may be holding on to things.
Join new interest groups or support groups to help you feel connected, supported or even learn new ways of looking at yourself.
Practice EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique can be a simple tool to practice at home by yourself or with a therapist who can teach and support your process. 
Clean out your cabinets, closets, garage and drawers.  If you have not used it in a most likely won't going forward. There are professionals you can hire to help you reorganize your space and let go of physical items, maybe even help Feng Shui your home.
Clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Hire a nutritional coach who can help you shop, cook, or support you with a dietary change. I offer six month health coaching to help you with weight loss or health goals. Contact me for more information.  
Spend time in nature smelling the air, moving your body and connecting to your surroundings. This helps move blood and energy in your body including waking up your senses.
Receive a massage or hug. Allow yourself to be cared for and receive nurturing.  
Some things are easy to "let go and move on" while other things may take time to process and heal.  Surround yourself with loving and supportive people who are good listeners and genuinely care. Be gentle with yourself and take steps everyday towards the outcome you desire. If you feel the burden is too much - finding a Transitional counselor or Greivance counselor may be very helpful.  Always remember you are not alone and everyone has something to "let go".

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