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Sore throat, swollen joints, tired? Try this simple remedy!

by Michelle Dorshkind on 10/22/12

Like you, I prefer to stay healthy during the holidays. Recently, I felt called to purchase some ginger root from my local farmers market. It sat in my refrigerator waiting to be used in some amazing dish I thought I would whip up for dinner one night. While chatting with a close friend whom helps me stay spiritually grounded and practicing a healthy lifestyle, we started to discuss the weather changes, dry skin, sore throats, swollen joints, and feeling emotionally tired from the economical struggles in the world. I told her I had this ginger root sitting around and wondered if she had any suggestions or recipes to use it in. She reminded me of an old, yet simple recipe that is great for this time of year...lemon ginger tea!

Mince up fresh ginger root and add it to a pot of water. Bring to a boil and simmer.  I also add a couple dashes of sea salts and cayenne powder for some extra punch.  Then I add fresh squeeze lemon and honey (or maple) and strain into a cup for sipping. Warm, soothing and really works! Enjoy.

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