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Simple messages

by Michelle Dorshkind on 01/23/13

I started journaling again. A new year, reflecting on the last and planning for the next. What am I grateful for? What does my heart desire? What is draining me (energetically, mentally, physically, spiritually or financially).  What am I doing? Where am I going? What makes me happy?

Recently I turned 45 and I have felt stuck in my marriage and work. Is this a mid-life crisis? Am I living the life I imagined? Often times around my birthday, I find myself pondering these questions and seeking answers. Maybe it is to encourage growth, change, or return to balance.  My yoga practice has helped me in so many ways. The breath work alone helps move out toxic blood so fresh oxygenated blood can circulate in my body. Today the instructor gave the message of "Surrender". Surrender into the pose even when you are feeling the pain...breath. Such a simple message!

Couple days ago I received a massage from a friend who shared with me a mantra he had been practicing for the last 6 monthes. This mantra has really helped him feel more peace and serenity in his life. "Cannot argue what is!". Yes...."Cannot argue what is!".  A simple message of accepting what is, what we cannot change and surrender to what is.

I take these simple messages to heart, maybe because they resonate with my life and at the same time they are simple reminders of what I already know and have read or heard in satsang. I also know that many people seek the same ... peace, happiness, balance, love.  There are so many simple techniques that can support times of transition or guide us back on track.  Journaling workshops, Meridian Tapping (EFT), Nutritional Response Technique (NRT), daily meditation books by Melody Beattie, massage, yoga, and quality time with friends.

If you are interested in learning more about my fun workshops, EFT sessions, or receive my bi-monthly emails on natural health tips, massage and wellness, you can call me at #925-785-3066.

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