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Preparing for a Seasonal Detox/Cleanse

by Michelle Dorshkind on 10/24/16

Be loving & kind towards your body & mind!

Whether you are doing a gentle cleanse or intense program with colonics, supplements and lymphatic is always best to prepare your body and mind for this change. Below I have listed some simple recommendations that will help you succeed in your next detox/cleanse and will be loving and kind towards your body and mind.

1) Ask yourself WHY you want to do a cleanse/detox. 
This will help motivate you and be your anchor if you feel like cheating.

2) Clear your calendar of distractions and social gatherings.Temptations and old habits can derail your success

3) Start eliminating meat, carbs, sugar, caffinated beverages and alcohol three days prior to your cleanse/detox. 
This process will allow your body to adjust to your dietary change especially if you are going to juice for a week.

4) Journal your thoughts and feelings.
Writing down everything you want to let go of during your cleanse/detox or how you want to feel when you complete the program integrates body and mind.

5) Incorporate deep breathwork and stretching
These techniques will help you become more aware of how you actually feel in your body. As you let go of toxins and excess food.

6) Incorporate Lymphatic Drainage Massage
 Receiving a Lymphatic Drainage treatment will be very beneficial in your process of eliminating toxic waste from your body. I will make sure your lymph nodes are pumping well and the direction of the lymphs are moving in the best direction for cleansing/detox. This will prevent your body from having to work hard or be exhausted from your program.

7) Be loving and kind - set yourself up for success
Practice loving thoughts and gentle activities during your cleanse/detox.  This is a time of "letting go" of everything mentally and physically.  Over activity can deplete your energy and distract you from your process and success.

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