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Letting go of resistance to change and opening your mind to something new

by Michelle Dorshkind on 10/24/12

This last year has been extremely tough with many changes happening in my career and personal life. On top of that my son has become high energy, like any 4yr old boy is, but more than I can enjoy when I am not feeling strong in my own body. So I started taking a yoga class at my local gym which I had been very lazy about using for several years now. It was Fall and a great time to go inward to breath, stretch and strengthen my body. In the past I had taken many yoga classes from Ashstanga, Bikram, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Hatha, Kundalini to Anasura. My body adapted and responded quickly to being back into a yoga practice. I started to feel strong again, loved the teacher and found myself going at least 2-3 days a week and feeling a difference. My body was releasing emotional pain with the breath work and stretches while my mind became confident and clear.

So today I woke up to my son crying because he did not have any fuzzy fleece shirts to wear (because they were dirty). After 30 minutes of meltdowns about clothes, breakfast and not wanting to go to school, I was relieved when he finally left the house with his dad.  I was excited to get ready for my yoga class, to clear my mind and start my own day. However, to my surprise I showed up and there were pregnant women, and mostly grey haired people, but a couple students I recognized from my Ashtanga class. The teacher was different and so was the class. "What is going on here?", I said to myself. I could feel resistance in my body and mind to this new class that I was unaware of. "Did they change the schedule with out saying anything?"  Of course I stayed and went along with it, trying to figure out if I liked it or not. Some of it was slow and easy, but then other poses were challenging. We used balls, straps and slow reps. 

After class the teacher came up to me and thanked me for taking her class. Still confused,  I asked her, what the name of her class was and if it was replacing my favorite yoga class. To find out,  it was a Pilates II and my regular yoga class was after her class. "What?, I arrived an hour early and took the wrong class?". I laughed inside and realized that maybe today this was what my body needed. I learned the importance of "letting go of resistance to change and opening my mind to something new".

Then I got home and opened up a daily meditation book called "The Language Of Letting Go" by Melody Beattie. At the end of her daily message called "Morning Cues", she writes an affirmation:  God, help me let go of my need to be in resistance to the harmonic flow of life. Help me learn to go with the flow and accept the help and support that You have to offer me.

What a perfect reflection of what is going on in my life right now. Thank you spirit for guiding me towards this lesson and message today.  ~ Namaste

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1. Susan said on 11/18/12 - 05:17PM
I Love this post Michelle! Thank you for sharing with such openness and honesty. Your story is such a great example of being in the present, being aware & being mindful of if we are only reacting to circumstances, or do we have more understanding and direction from which we choose to experience our day. Thank you!

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