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Give yourself permission to REST and RECHARGE

by Michelle Dorshkind on 11/17/12

I've been practicing massage since 1997 and one thing that I have noticed through the years is that people are taking less and less time out of their busy schedules to rest and care for themselves. People are working longer hours and shuffling their kids to more activities. Meals are on the go and sleep is restless due medications, alcohol and active minds. Technological communications through cell phones and computers has increased and personal quality time with loved ones has decreased. Quality of food, healthcare, and customer service has gone down, while prices of everything including stress levels have gone up.

People are pushing themselves to do more and more each day which means multi-tasking to the point of exhaustion. This treadmill that people keep themselves on has lead to adrenal fatigue, headaches, insomnia, stomach pain, inflammation and even heart attacks. They have become so tired they think they are depressed, but often it is really their body saying "STOP"..."REST"..."RECHARGE".  Unfortunately the mental monkey keeps telling them to do more..."you should be able to do more, don't rest, do more". Deep down the spirit is yelling out softly, "take better care of yourself, slow down and rest".

Twelve years ago, people did make more time for relaxation and nurturing care. They scheduled a monthly massage as part of their self care program, which included exercise, healthy diet, and quality time with friends. Their capacity levels were higher because they made time to rest and recharge for the month to come. Their priorities were more focused on self care, self awareness and fun vs. who's doing what on the internet.

If you find yourself caught up on the above treadmill of self destruction, then please....GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO REST AND RECHARGE. Get a massage BEFORE the pain starts to creep in, BEFORE your body becomes exhausted from lack of sleep or you suffer from chronic headaches. Get off the treadmill and back on track with a healthy "self care" regimen! 

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