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A simple day trip to receive and breath

by Michelle Dorshkind on 11/27/12

One of my favorite places to retreat for rejuvenation is Harbin Hot Springs.  I usually like to spend a couple nights so I can slow down, soak in the mineral bathes, eat organic, walk the labrynth, meditate in the gardens, take in a yoga class, hike, participate in art or receive a healng massage or watsu treatment.

This last visit was only a half day visit with my son who loves to swim in the mineral pools. Our mind had already begun to shift as we drove through the georgous Napa Valley painted in Autumn colors and misty fog. The journey was exciting for us as we knew we were headed towards a peaceful place to unwind and retreat.

As a ritual, I like to include a massage because it seems to deepen the experience for me. I also like to learn new techniques or even be reminded of the simple tools that can aid in a healing experience. In our everyday life, it is easy to spend time in our head thinking, while our body moves us through our day. Something as simple as breathing can be forgotten. When I received my massage the therapist guided me into deep breathing as he gave me an amazing sixty minute massage. Of course, I set the intention myself to fully allow myself to receive, breath and relax. I left feeling nurtured and whole again.

This short visit to Harbin was a simple reminder for me that I do not need a long vacation to slow down, quiet the mind and breath. Sometimes a simple day trip and giving myself permission to receive and breath can be enough.


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