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7 Tips For Staying Healthy This Season

by Michelle Dorshkind on 10/24/16

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Fall & Winter are good seasons for slowing down - building back your energy and strength for the year ahead.  It is also a time of year for holiday gatherings with our loved ones and special celebrations that remind us of the importance of feeling connected to what we value most in our human life. Staying healthy allows us to enjoy all these blessings to the fullest which is why I follow these simple tips:

1) Slow down - There is no need to fill up your entire calendar with activities. Learn to say " NO " and make more time for your personal self care. If you get exhausted and sick, how can you be your best for others?

2) Stay hydrated - We are in a very dry season and our body needs fluids to flush out the enviromental pollens blowing around. Your lymphatic system has to work harder and will be inefficient if you are not nourishing your body with fluids like warm soups, lemon ginger tea, water and juicy produce. 

3) Exercise & stretch - Our body gets stiff when the weather turns cold.  Movement in our body helps increase oxygenated blood to flow through our muscles which will sweat out the toxins & keep us warm. Plus, it is a great way to de-stress from all the changes occuring in our life.

4) Sleep - Days are getting shorter... so it is a great opportunity to hit the sack earlier. Add an hour to your sleep time so your body and mind can heal and rejuvenate.

5) Supplement - Load up on extra supplements and super foods to boost your immune system.  Add Moringa, Camu,Colloidal SilverMonolauren, B12, Elderberry, Manuka honeySuper Lysine (which has vit. C, Echinacea, Licorice & garlic), or Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils.

6) Essential Oils - Add DoTerra OnGuard to your room diffuser and rub oregano oil to the bottom of your feet. Both can be taken orally for immune boosting benefits -  check my website  for more product information

7) Bodywork - Make time for a therapeutic massage or lymphatic drainage session to help flush out toxins, tension and over all body kinks. This will help destress the mind and body so you can sleep better, feel more balanced and stay healthier.

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