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Preparing for a Seasonal Detox/Cleanse

by Michelle Dorshkind on 10/24/16

Be loving & kind towards your body & mind!

Whether you are doing a gentle cleanse or intense program with colonics, supplements and lymphatic massage...it is always best to prepare your body and mind for this change. Below I have listed some simple recommendations that will help you succeed in your next detox/cleanse and will be loving and kind towards your body and mind.

1) Ask yourself WHY you want to do a cleanse/detox. 
This will help motivate you and be your anchor if you feel like cheating.

2) Clear your calendar of distractions and social gatherings.Temptations and old habits can derail your success

3) Start eliminating meat, carbs, sugar, caffinated beverages and alcohol three days prior to your cleanse/detox. 
This process will allow your body to adjust to your dietary change especially if you are going to juice for a week.

4) Journal your thoughts and feelings.
Writing down everything you want to let go of during your cleanse/detox or how you want to feel when you complete the program integrates body and mind.

5) Incorporate deep breathwork and stretching
These techniques will help you become more aware of how you actually feel in your body. As you let go of toxins and excess food.

6) Incorporate Lymphatic Drainage Massage
 Receiving a Lymphatic Drainage treatment will be very beneficial in your process of eliminating toxic waste from your body. I will make sure your lymph nodes are pumping well and the direction of the lymphs are moving in the best direction for cleansing/detox. This will prevent your body from having to work hard or be exhausted from your program.

7) Be loving and kind - set yourself up for success
Practice loving thoughts and gentle activities during your cleanse/detox.  This is a time of "letting go" of everything mentally and physically.  Over activity can deplete your energy and distract you from your process and success.

7 Tips For Staying Healthy This Season

by Michelle Dorshkind on 10/24/16

Supplement immune
immune boosters

Fall & Winter are good seasons for slowing down - building back your energy and strength for the year ahead.  It is also a time of year for holiday gatherings with our loved ones and special celebrations that remind us of the importance of feeling connected to what we value most in our human life. Staying healthy allows us to enjoy all these blessings to the fullest which is why I follow these simple tips:

1) Slow down - There is no need to fill up your entire calendar with activities. Learn to say " NO " and make more time for your personal self care. If you get exhausted and sick, how can you be your best for others?

2) Stay hydrated - We are in a very dry season and our body needs fluids to flush out the enviromental pollens blowing around. Your lymphatic system has to work harder and will be inefficient if you are not nourishing your body with fluids like warm soups, lemon ginger tea, water and juicy produce. 

3) Exercise & stretch - Our body gets stiff when the weather turns cold.  Movement in our body helps increase oxygenated blood to flow through our muscles which will sweat out the toxins & keep us warm. Plus, it is a great way to de-stress from all the changes occuring in our life.

4) Sleep - Days are getting shorter... so it is a great opportunity to hit the sack earlier. Add an hour to your sleep time so your body and mind can heal and rejuvenate.

5) Supplement - Load up on extra supplements and super foods to boost your immune system.  Add Moringa, Camu,Colloidal SilverMonolauren, B12, Elderberry, Manuka honeySuper Lysine (which has vit. C, Echinacea, Licorice & garlic), or Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils.

6) Essential Oils - Add DoTerra OnGuard to your room diffuser and rub oregano oil to the bottom of your feet. Both can be taken orally for immune boosting benefits -  check my website  for more product information

7) Bodywork - Make time for a therapeutic massage or lymphatic drainage session to help flush out toxins, tension and over all body kinks. This will help destress the mind and body so you can sleep better, feel more balanced and stay healthier.

Simple Ways to Add Meditation & Exercise to Your Daily Routine

by Michelle Dorshkind on 03/27/16

These suggestions are quick and gentle ways to add meditation and easy exercise into your daily life without adding pressure and stress to your daily responsibilities. If you are already practicing a hard core workout regimen, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation ...then kudos to you!  Take time to pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your discipline to better health. 

These tips are for anyone who resist discipline, schedules, routine, exercise etc. but wants to feel better and somehow begin somewhere. This is why I say "be gentle with yourself" - a little bit a day is better than none. We all have many pockets in our day to practice or incorporate these simple mindful tips:

1) Next time you are watching TV, lie on the floor and start stretching your legs and back...maybe add some sit-ups or place a tennis ball in those tight spots.

2) If you ride BART, need to wait for a doctor's appointment or a friend for coffee... instead of checking your phone for emails, FB post or playing games... take 2 minutes to close your eyes and do a body check. Take three deep breaths, filling in your lungs and belly then slowly exhaling. Each time you breath in oxygen,  you are expanding your rib cage, stretching the muscles, calming the central nervous system and helping your body digest food efficiently.

3) If you work on a computer all day, set your phone alarm clock every hour to remind yourself to stretch your neck and shoulders, take three deep breaths and drink a tall glass of lemon water. This will refresh your mind and prevent brain fog.

4) Do calf lifts when you brush your teeth or standing in the check out line in a store. This will help prevent ankle swelling, loosen up clunky  joints and strengthen your  feet & calf muscles.

5) When you are waiting for an appointment, kids, activities, doing computer work or reading a book... massage your jaw and neck muscles. Make funny faces (it will make someone smile) and squeeze your neck muscles. Add some essential oils to open your senses or tiger balm to sooth aching tight muscles. 

6) Play frisbee, catch, hoops, walk, bike, hike, swim, or even show your kids how to lift weights, jump rope, or do yoga. This is a great way to spend time with your family while teaching them how to take good care of their health too. 

7)   I love having my first cup of coffee out on my patio in the morning. I do a quick meditation to visualize my day or connect with my Higher Spirit.

8)  "Contract & Release" - this is a mindful exercise that  helps connect your mind with your body. Too often we may walk around unconsciously with a muscle in constant contraction. Eventually this muscle can fatigue or cause other muscles to kick in and do more work causing body pain. This technique helps retrain your body and mind to identify when a muscle is contracting or is relaxed. 

Start by lying in a comfortable place then focus on contracting every muscle in your head (eyes, jaw, neck) then relax. Next, focus on contracting your chest and shoulder muscles...then relax. Continue this same "contract and relax" technique going done your arms and then hands. Really focus on the muscle in that location contracting then releasing. Next tighten your stomach and lower back muscles then release.  Work your way down to your gluts  & internal pelvis muscles (contract then release). Continue with your thighs, calves and last your feet.  As a grand finale - contract your entire body all at once ...then release! 

Tools for Letting Go and Moving Forward

by Michelle Dorshkind on 12/03/15

Tools for "Letting Go"

I'm not gonna lie... "letting go" of habits, people, food, pain, things etc. can be a process and even a journey.
First, you need to identify what you may be holding on to and why.  Sometimes there is a secondary gain - maybe it supports "a story"  or it has become a "protective blanket" that helps you hide from pain, fears or beliefs. Sometimes starting with exterior things can be easier such as clothing, books, items from your past, or anything you have not used in over a year that you can donate to clear physical space.  Then look at your social network. Are they supportive, loving and caring? How do you feel after being with them?  Do they reflect the positive sides of yourself and encourage you to reach your hearts desires? If not, then maybe setting healthy boundaries for yourself is neccessary.
Then look at your physical body. How do you feel in your body? What habits are good for you and what could you take a break from or eliminate all together? How do you feel when you eat certain foods and how do you feel after a workout? What do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror? 
Spiritually- how do you feel after meditating or prayer? How do you connect with your inner spirit, loved ones who have crossed over or even to your God - the wise and all knowing spirit.
Mentally - where can you mentally "unplug" ? How do you quiet your mind and become present? What do you do to calm your body and mind? 
Emotionally - What do you need right now to feel fulfilled, loved, or at peace within? If you were to quiet your mind and ask your spirit what it needs right now, what would it say?  
Why is it important to check into these parts of yourself as a way of "letting go"?  Mainly so you can become more "self aware" which can empower yourself to take the next step. The more you know and love yourself - the more you feel whole and less attached to things, people, thoughts or feelings.
People/relationships often become your story of who you were and what you did which holds you back from being present. Addictions such as drugs, alcohol, certain foods, games, or habits can also prevent you from living here and now vs. in a fantasy or virtual world. 
Once you strip yourself of old beliefs, habits, toxic relationships, stories etc. then you may begin to live the life you desire- which includes "letting go" of what no longer supports the person you are becoming. 
Here are some tools that may help in your journey:
Write in a journal so you can read what you are thinking, feeling or discovering.
Meditation can be a great tool for quieting the mind and connecting to spirit. Ask yourself what you need.
Hypnotherapy or a Shamanic journey can be useful if you are unclear of what you need to take the next step. You can also get in touch with any blocks or reasons why you may be holding on to things.
Join new interest groups or support groups to help you feel connected, supported or even learn new ways of looking at yourself.
Practice EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique can be a simple tool to practice at home by yourself or with a therapist who can teach and support your process. 
Clean out your cabinets, closets, garage and drawers.  If you have not used it in a year...you most likely won't going forward. There are professionals you can hire to help you reorganize your space and let go of physical items, maybe even help Feng Shui your home.
Clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Hire a nutritional coach who can help you shop, cook, or support you with a dietary change. I offer six month health coaching to help you with weight loss or health goals. Contact me for more information.  
Spend time in nature smelling the air, moving your body and connecting to your surroundings. This helps move blood and energy in your body including waking up your senses.
Receive a massage or hug. Allow yourself to be cared for and receive nurturing.  
Some things are easy to "let go and move on" while other things may take time to process and heal.  Surround yourself with loving and supportive people who are good listeners and genuinely care. Be gentle with yourself and take steps everyday towards the outcome you desire. If you feel the burden is too much - finding a Transitional counselor or Greivance counselor may be very helpful.  Always remember you are not alone and everyone has something to "let go".

Massage for a Healthy Heart

by Michelle Dorshkind on 02/15/13

February is traditionally focused on love, hearts, flowers and romance. I love decorating my house with red pillows, kitchen towels and home-made hearts my son made for the refrigerator. Another heart that is often overlooked is that very important organ in our body that pumps blood everyday to keep our internal engine running. Good nutrition, weight management and exercise are all good for the heart, but we must not forget stress management. Did you know, research shows that with massage, high blood pressure patients demonstrate lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety, and stress hormones. Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. While eliminating anxiety and pressure altogether in this fast-paced world may be idealistic, massage can, without a doubt, help manage stress. Techniques like Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage or Acupressure are all calming and energetic for deeper healing and relaxation of your body and mind. For more information or to schedule a session, please call #925-785-3066.

Simple messages

by Michelle Dorshkind on 01/23/13

I started journaling again. A new year, reflecting on the last and planning for the next. What am I grateful for? What does my heart desire? What is draining me (energetically, mentally, physically, spiritually or financially).  What am I doing? Where am I going? What makes me happy?

Recently I turned 45 and I have felt stuck in my marriage and work. Is this a mid-life crisis? Am I living the life I imagined? Often times around my birthday, I find myself pondering these questions and seeking answers. Maybe it is to encourage growth, change, or return to balance.  My yoga practice has helped me in so many ways. The breath work alone helps move out toxic blood so fresh oxygenated blood can circulate in my body. Today the instructor gave the message of "Surrender". Surrender into the pose even when you are feeling the pain...breath. Such a simple message!

Couple days ago I received a massage from a friend who shared with me a mantra he had been practicing for the last 6 monthes. This mantra has really helped him feel more peace and serenity in his life. "Cannot argue what is!". Yes...."Cannot argue what is!".  A simple message of accepting what is, what we cannot change and surrender to what is.

I take these simple messages to heart, maybe because they resonate with my life and at the same time they are simple reminders of what I already know and have read or heard in satsang. I also know that many people seek the same ... peace, happiness, balance, love.  There are so many simple techniques that can support times of transition or guide us back on track.  Journaling workshops, Meridian Tapping (EFT), Nutritional Response Technique (NRT), daily meditation books by Melody Beattie, massage, yoga, and quality time with friends.

If you are interested in learning more about my fun workshops, EFT sessions, or receive my bi-monthly emails on natural health tips, massage and wellness, you can call me at #925-785-3066.

A simple day trip to receive and breath

by Michelle Dorshkind on 11/27/12

One of my favorite places to retreat for rejuvenation is Harbin Hot Springs.  I usually like to spend a couple nights so I can slow down, soak in the mineral bathes, eat organic, walk the labrynth, meditate in the gardens, take in a yoga class, hike, participate in art or receive a healng massage or watsu treatment.

This last visit was only a half day visit with my son who loves to swim in the mineral pools. Our mind had already begun to shift as we drove through the georgous Napa Valley painted in Autumn colors and misty fog. The journey was exciting for us as we knew we were headed towards a peaceful place to unwind and retreat.

As a ritual, I like to include a massage because it seems to deepen the experience for me. I also like to learn new techniques or even be reminded of the simple tools that can aid in a healing experience. In our everyday life, it is easy to spend time in our head thinking, while our body moves us through our day. Something as simple as breathing can be forgotten. When I received my massage the therapist guided me into deep breathing as he gave me an amazing sixty minute massage. Of course, I set the intention myself to fully allow myself to receive, breath and relax. I left feeling nurtured and whole again.

This short visit to Harbin was a simple reminder for me that I do not need a long vacation to slow down, quiet the mind and breath. Sometimes a simple day trip and giving myself permission to receive and breath can be enough.


Give yourself permission to REST and RECHARGE

by Michelle Dorshkind on 11/17/12

I've been practicing massage since 1997 and one thing that I have noticed through the years is that people are taking less and less time out of their busy schedules to rest and care for themselves. People are working longer hours and shuffling their kids to more activities. Meals are on the go and sleep is restless due medications, alcohol and active minds. Technological communications through cell phones and computers has increased and personal quality time with loved ones has decreased. Quality of food, healthcare, and customer service has gone down, while prices of everything including stress levels have gone up.

People are pushing themselves to do more and more each day which means multi-tasking to the point of exhaustion. This treadmill that people keep themselves on has lead to adrenal fatigue, headaches, insomnia, stomach pain, inflammation and even heart attacks. They have become so tired they think they are depressed, but often it is really their body saying "STOP"..."REST"..."RECHARGE".  Unfortunately the mental monkey keeps telling them to do more..."you should be able to do more, don't rest, do more". Deep down the spirit is yelling out softly, "take better care of yourself, slow down and rest".

Twelve years ago, people did make more time for relaxation and nurturing care. They scheduled a monthly massage as part of their self care program, which included exercise, healthy diet, and quality time with friends. Their capacity levels were higher because they made time to rest and recharge for the month to come. Their priorities were more focused on self care, self awareness and fun vs. who's doing what on the internet.

If you find yourself caught up on the above treadmill of self destruction, then please....GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO REST AND RECHARGE. Get a massage BEFORE the pain starts to creep in, BEFORE your body becomes exhausted from lack of sleep or you suffer from chronic headaches. Get off the treadmill and back on track with a healthy "self care" regimen! 

BOOK A MASSAGE NOW!  #925-785-3066

Letting go of resistance to change and opening your mind to something new

by Michelle Dorshkind on 10/24/12

This last year has been extremely tough with many changes happening in my career and personal life. On top of that my son has become high energy, like any 4yr old boy is, but more than I can enjoy when I am not feeling strong in my own body. So I started taking a yoga class at my local gym which I had been very lazy about using for several years now. It was Fall and a great time to go inward to breath, stretch and strengthen my body. In the past I had taken many yoga classes from Ashstanga, Bikram, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Hatha, Kundalini to Anasura. My body adapted and responded quickly to being back into a yoga practice. I started to feel strong again, loved the teacher and found myself going at least 2-3 days a week and feeling a difference. My body was releasing emotional pain with the breath work and stretches while my mind became confident and clear.

So today I woke up to my son crying because he did not have any fuzzy fleece shirts to wear (because they were dirty). After 30 minutes of meltdowns about clothes, breakfast and not wanting to go to school, I was relieved when he finally left the house with his dad.  I was excited to get ready for my yoga class, to clear my mind and start my own day. However, to my surprise I showed up and there were pregnant women, and mostly grey haired people, but a couple students I recognized from my Ashtanga class. The teacher was different and so was the class. "What is going on here?", I said to myself. I could feel resistance in my body and mind to this new class that I was unaware of. "Did they change the schedule with out saying anything?"  Of course I stayed and went along with it, trying to figure out if I liked it or not. Some of it was slow and easy, but then other poses were challenging. We used balls, straps and slow reps. 

After class the teacher came up to me and thanked me for taking her class. Still confused,  I asked her, what the name of her class was and if it was replacing my favorite yoga class. To find out,  it was a Pilates II and my regular yoga class was after her class. "What?, I arrived an hour early and took the wrong class?". I laughed inside and realized that maybe today this was what my body needed. I learned the importance of "letting go of resistance to change and opening my mind to something new".

Then I got home and opened up a daily meditation book called "The Language Of Letting Go" by Melody Beattie. At the end of her daily message called "Morning Cues", she writes an affirmation:  God, help me let go of my need to be in resistance to the harmonic flow of life. Help me learn to go with the flow and accept the help and support that You have to offer me.

What a perfect reflection of what is going on in my life right now. Thank you spirit for guiding me towards this lesson and message today.  ~ Namaste

Sore throat, swollen joints, tired? Try this simple remedy!

by Michelle Dorshkind on 10/22/12

Like you, I prefer to stay healthy during the holidays. Recently, I felt called to purchase some ginger root from my local farmers market. It sat in my refrigerator waiting to be used in some amazing dish I thought I would whip up for dinner one night. While chatting with a close friend whom helps me stay spiritually grounded and practicing a healthy lifestyle, we started to discuss the weather changes, dry skin, sore throats, swollen joints, and feeling emotionally tired from the economical struggles in the world. I told her I had this ginger root sitting around and wondered if she had any suggestions or recipes to use it in. She reminded me of an old, yet simple recipe that is great for this time of year...lemon ginger tea!

Mince up fresh ginger root and add it to a pot of water. Bring to a boil and simmer.  I also add a couple dashes of sea salts and cayenne powder for some extra punch.  Then I add fresh squeeze lemon and honey (or maple) and strain into a cup for sipping. Warm, soothing and really works! Enjoy.